The Butan Glory (Bhutanitis lidderdalii)


Watercolour. A3. 2016.

Illustrations for book cover design commissioned by Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden.

The Bhutan glory is a large swallowtail species in Gaoligong Mountains, with three long and tapering tails.

A large swallowtail, forewing length 54 mm. Wings elongated, black with yellow wavy lines. Hindwing with an oval patch of red, black and orange, and three long and tapering tails. An unmistakable species.

Habitat and habits:
Wet evergreen broad-leaved forests. Elegant flyers, often glide and soar in the air, and visit flowers. An univoltine species, adults occur in Sept and Oct, uncommon in Tengchong.

SW China; easterm Himalayas to northern Indochina.

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