About me


I am a Hong Kong-based illustrator and cofounder of Wildlife Illustrations Hong Kong. I specialise in nature illustrations and practises various forms of art including watercolour, ink and pen, comics, face-painting, and computer graphics. Visual design is also my strong suit and I am experienced in designing posters, leaflets, logos, infographics and book covers, and I have designed shirts, metal pins and others products. My works have been adopted by numerous Hong Kong organisations including Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, BLOOM Association Hong Kong, the University of Hong Kong and the Conservancy Association Hong Kong.

Currently, I am a full-time conservation educator in a local NGO and spends some of my free time doing nature illustrations. I also spend much of my free time doing bouldering, dragonboat and diving in the vast, blue and astonishing ocean.

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